AFS Next

established in Rio de Janeiro/RJ

operating in Rio de Janeiro - RIO DE JANEIRO

institution/school - AFS NEXT

programs offered: VOLUNTEER

Solidarity in our culture is a big value. We are always ready to help our family, friends and neighbors. Also, our country is open to new cultures and brazilians are specialists in welcoming people from all over the world. If you share the feeling of solidarity, you will feel like at home in Brazil. AFS Brasil works in several areas of activity, such as volunteer programs in the environmental, care and education areas.In the area of care volunteering can work with children who are victims of abuse, young people with physical disabilities, autistic children, abandoned children, the elderly, teaching English and music to the whole community, assisting vulnerable families, assisting community development in different cities and realities of Brazil.At enviranmental we have a great partnership with ICMBIo and the Iracambi Institute and the possibility of working with the Atlantic forest and activities of education and environmental protection. And in the educational area has a possibility to teach English and also work at the Federal Institute in the area of International Relations