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Why choose one of our affiliates?


When you choose an affiliate accredited by “Study in Brazil by Belta”, you know the company meets all the integrity and reliability requirements to operate exchange programs in Brazil.

Study in Brazil was created as a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) to promote and boost the Brazilian education programs to foreign students and international exchange companies.

In partnership with the Brazilian Tourist Board (EMBRATUR), Study in Brazil carries out many activities to promote the country abroad and establish Brazil as an important education destination worldwide.

Study in Brazil selects and gathers institutions that offer High School and Higher Education Courses, Portuguese classes, short- and long-term academic studies, in addition to programs that combine learning with tourism, sports, internships, voluntary work etc.

Over its 25 years, Belta has set the standards to ensure an excellent Brazilian experience for those who choose one of our affiliates.



Member since2015

High School, Higher Education Exchange, Portuguese Language, Voluntary work, Internships, Faculty-led & Summer Courses

Established in São Luís/MA


Member since 2018

Voluntary work

Established in Rio de Janeiro/RJ


Member since 2019

High School

Established in Belo Horizonte/MG


Member since 2019

High School

Established in Belo Horizonte/MG


Member since 2019

Portuguese Language

Established in São Paulo/SP


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Maura Leão



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