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established in Suzano / SP

operating in São Paulo

institution/school - CIAE

programs offered: Language Courses

description: CIAE Intercâmbios (Cultura Intercâmbios Amazing Experience) is an exchange agency, certified by BELTA with excellence in exchange operations, founded in 2009, with the objective of providing consultancy and facilitating our clients' access to International Education.

Our mission is to promote an Amazing Experience (Incredible Experience) to all participants in this process, enabling the achievement of the dream to be lived with safety, trust and support from our team.

We facilitate your access to International Education for the best and most renowned institutions in the world, recognized by the councils that regulate the entry of students in each country. Our services range from language courses to the last higher education graduation level.

For us, transparency, honesty, trust, respect for people, ethics, commitment, responsibility and punctuality are essential values that we cultivate and practice in our daily lives.



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