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established in São Paulo / SP

operating in São Paulo / SP

institution/school - FGV EAESP

programs offered: Undergraduate Degree in Business Admnistration

description: FGV São Paulo School of Business Administration is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Internationally recognized for its excellence has the three most important international accreditations since 2004, assuring students of the high quality and international recognition of their degrees.

Having one of the best international networks in the world has also decisively contributed to create double degrees and exchange agreements with the top business schools in the world offering students a complete international experience. FGV EAESP has partnership agreements with more than 100 institutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, opening doors to academic and professional experiences across the world.

FGV EAESP's degree in Business Administration is the main choice of students who plan to achieve great flights and positively impact the world. The undergraduate course gives students a solid background, allows them to have a broad vision as an administrator and citizen, is in tune with the demands of the contemporary world and the desires of new generations, based on the principles of ethics and sustainability.

The Business Administration degree course is available both in Portuguese or English. In English, all mandatory subjects are in English, as well as most of the electives. This means more contact with the English language and the possibility of networking with foreign students, preparing the student for international opportunities.



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