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Brazil’s attractions go beyond the beautiful landscapes, the sun that shines the whole year-round, and the Carnival parties. As the largest country in Latin America, and a great power among emerging markets, Brazil, with its more than 180 million inhabitants, is one of the world’s largest consumer markets. The world is keeping an eye on Brazil and on the business and investment opportunities the country has to offer. Getting familiar with Brazil and learning the Portuguese language will add a unique feature to any professional qualification.

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Study in Brazil is a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) and has the same standards as Belta’s affiliates, offering the best Brazilian programs to those who choose this sensational destination to study abroad.

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"My experience in Brazil was amazing! It was beyond my expectations. I was placed with a host family that was great and truly made me feel at home. I Interned with a company that was related to my field of study and I learned so many things. Working in Brazil helped me gain initiative and forced me to be able to adapt to any working environment. The food in Brazil is AMAZING, and the culture is so great that it makes you feel as if you were Brazilian. Thank you so much BE for creating an opportunity for me to experience the Brazilian culture and grow as a person and a professional!"


Stephen Bent


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